come together

As many individuals confront unemployment, foreclosure, violence of many kinds, technology-driven isolation and insensitivities just to name a few of our economic and social hardships, voices of hope and encouragement are greatly needed. We answer that need by offering individuals the opportunity to come together as a community for the sole purpose of encouraging each other. Believing wholeheartedly that when individuals are filled with hope, our homes, communities and nation benefits, we bring individuals together to exchange useful information, life experiences and triumphant testimonies to create streams of encouragement with each other.

We talk about the concerns that are gripping our life and interrupting our peace. We talk about our brokenness; about the throes of parenting; the hardships of  maintaining balance in a unbalanced world. From addictions to abuse, faith to discontent, loss to restoration, we share and exchange stories embodying the spirit of hope.

Hope is a commodity that can never lose its value. It is life essential, life altering, and life enriching. Without it we are individuals straining to merely exist instead of individuals thriving and enjoying life. How much easier might it be to face the trials of our day having been inspired by conversations of hope from those who have not only encountered some of our conflicts, but triumphantly overcame them? What great wealth of information they possess, and what great inspiration that can be to each of us? What better way to offer that encouragement than face to face?
A nation of individuals personally demonstrating the power of hope by intentionally encouraging those around us; in our communities;

  • A nation teaching our youth - our leaders of tomorrow - to become better communicators by stepping beyond the isolation of technology to communicate more, face to face;

  • More individuals embracing their experiences as tools of inspiration and using them to encourage others;

  • Continual conversations of hope in every community across America.

  • A nation that recognizes that our best effort to live a truly hope-filled life does indeed include God.

To bring distressed individuals
together to engage in encouraging
conversations of hope;
face to face
Our organization was founded in 2012 by Deloris E. Jordan, who has long been engaged in change. The author of ""In My Family's Shadow"  wherein she chronicled her personal struggles of brokenness, she is an advocate for hope and a testimony of perseverance.  Often surrounded by audiences at booksignings inquisitive to learn how she found the courage and inner strength to step beyond the imprisonment and isolation of her trials, she came to know just how desperate others are to be liberated also. Today she is committed more than ever to being a vessel of encouragement and hope to all; one conversation at a time; one community at a time.